मंगलवार, 2 फ़रवरी 2016

A manager’s tale: when brain gets drained

Ever since I joined office I realized one of the most important job which I have to do is not accounting, but it is human resource management.  A reason for it may be my distaste for the accounting that I find myself more concerned about the man management part or it may be the case that I am having fun in doing this part of job more than the other part. Its normal, we are not born as super-man and we may have our own taste. But that is not what we are assumed to be and so we have to do all part of that work irrespective of our liking. And this all part includes a hell lot of things.
But why am I writing this? What prompted me to sit down in front of my laptop to write such thing? It is the feeling which I felt last evening; I came back from office on time (Always try to go office on time and come back on time), so definitely I had not worked for more than 8 hours yesterday but when I reached my room, which is just 40 stairs away from my office, I was feeling completely drained. I just wanted to go to my bed and give my mind some rest. I have felt like this few times earlier but then I had worked or studied for long hours or when I had done something physically very tiring. But, yesterday it was a very different situation; I was drained after working in my office for some standard 8 hours a day and remember it was a just Monday.
So, I decided to think about the probable reasons for it, and found the real culprit. It was multitasking and this is the problem which managers face day in day out in their office daily. We are supposed to be good in multitasking. All officers are supposed to be, and this is what makes their job difficult while it looks very cool from the other side. I had to deal with many different issues in a single day; which ranges from coordinating with state government officials to get their accounts on time, to, why cases which have to be finished in 45 days, got delayed. The very next minute of doing one of the above mentioned jobs, I had to read the court cases and go into their core and prepare a reply and while doing this, I need to find out the reason my staff got salary with some delay and many more things. Add to it the management of around 180+ staff and it would require a good multitasker to perform all this.
And here lies the reason of my drained brain. The work of a manager requires a quick shift from legal to financial matters, administrative to accounting matters and so on and it affects our brain. It makes our brain feel tired. I felt it and many of you must have felt that in many evenings. Being a manager is a tough job. So managers (or officers, whatever you feel good when being called)! Kudos to you.
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  1. I am not a manager but can totally relate with the pain/drain of multitasking !
    Would just like to add Social media ( fb) as one of the parallel tasks that we do at work ! :D

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